Write your own Fitness Challenge ending!


I would guess that every single one of our fitness challenge participants have experienced moments of doubt, discouragement and defeat in their weight loss journeys.  We've all reached plateaus and struggled with motivation and given up because it seemed too hard or too overwhelming or too inconvenient...and that's okay.  What's not okay is fully giving in to those feelings and allowing yourself to believe that you do not have control over how your story ends.  That's just not true.  YOU are the one who has to decide that the frustration you're feeling in that moment will NOT stop you.  One bad day...one weak moment...one devastating loss...one busy week...will NOT change how your weight loss story ends.  We have witnessed participants who have overcome incredible odds in pursuit of their fitness goals, and their stories continue to surprise and inspire us!  If you are in the middle of an LWC fitness challenge and are struggling to stay on track, you CAN do it.  You CAN reach your goals...but it will not be easy.  It is going to take effort, determination, will and sacrifice...and YOU are the only person with the power to rewrite your own ending.  Make it great...something you can be proud of and something you'll want to read over and over again!

Just Keep Swimming!
Fat is NOT the worst thing you can be

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October 18 2016


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