Why Not Me? Why Not YOU?

I'm so excited to share today's Motivate Me story!  Linda B has participated with us many times and we've watched as she's progressed each and every challenge.  She made my day when she agreed to share her story with all of you!  So, without further ado...a snipet from her journey in her own words...

“When I first started this particular challenge,  I doubted myself about reaching a weight I haven't seen on the scale in many years.  I'm a 56-year-old grandma and have had life struggles just like everyone else. 

I had heard the NFL commercial a few times regarding their success and making it to the Super Bowl. The players were saying "Why not me?!"‎  One day the slogan really resonated with me and I started to remind myself frequently "Why not me?"‎  There's no reason why I couldn't reach the milestone of seeing the scale tip below 150#s.  It's been many years since that has happened and now I'm very close to reaching the weight listed on my driver's license which I don't know if that has EVER occurred! :)

Participating in your challenges has definitely helped me to continue to make healthier lifestyle choices.  I love eating more vegetables and have worked very hard on keeping those killer sweets at bay.  Our team is always there for each other during the ups and the downs.  They are the greatest! 

My budget doesn't include a health club membership but I find and look for ways in my own backyard to get in some great workouts, like the stacks of firewood seen in the background of the picture. ‎ Reaching my goal will be like winning the Super Bowl!  Why not me and why not YOU?!”

-Linda B. 

I truly believe that the inspiration and hope shared by YOU is what helps me, personally, make better choices every day.  I hope that those of you out there that may be questioning whether or not change is possible for you, will read Linda's story and know that change is possible for EVERYONE no matter your age, your limitations or you struggles, you CAN reach your health goals!!

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October 18 2016


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