When We Forget

There’s this funny thing about being human; we can be awfully forgetful.  We forget where we left our keys, where we placed our homework, when we scheduled doctor’s appointments and when it’s time to pick up our kids at orchestra.  We forget that humans make mistakes.  We forget that life isn’t meant to be easy.  We forget that no matter our dire circumstance we have things to be thankful for.  We forget that we have special talents.  We forget to be patient with ourselves.  We forget that making mistakes does not make us failures.  We forget that the size of our pants does not in any way define our worth.  We forget that being perfect is an impossible dream.  We forget that we are caring and kind and beautiful for reasons other than a slim waistline and fashion.  We forget that emotions should be felt and heard not muffled by the sound of crunching potato chips.  We forget that it’s okay to reach out to others when we feel like we’re drowning.  We forget that we are loved.  We forget that we are important to someone.  We forget that we have goals and dreams and aspirations.  We forget to look outside ourselves and lift others.  We forget to smile.  We forget to show love.  We forget to balance our responsibilities.  We forget to see ourselves for more than the body that houses us.  We forget that we matter.  We forget that we are truly magnificent with the potential to build a life of purpose, families of love and the ability to accomplish great and wonderful things, no matter how small those things may appear to others.  We forget that we can.  We forget that we can believe in ourselves and that belief allows us to accomplish whatever we have before us.

Recently, I forgot.  I forgot all these things and more.  I crumbled beneath pressures and expectations created by no one other than myself.  I allowed myself to forget that I don’t have to be perfect myself to help others become better.  I allowed myself to forget that who I am and what I do is important, even if the process is slow and tedious and goes unnoticed.  Gratefully, I did remember one thing.  I remembered to reach out.  I reached out to my spouse and my best friend and they both helped me to seek to remember all the other things I had forgotten.  I won’t share the kind things said, but know that it was enough.  It was enough to trigger a spark.  I know I won’t remember everyday.  There will be times that I will forget again, but I’m here and I'm working on remembering now.  

Let’s all strive to remember.  Remember all that we are, truly are, without concern of the material bells and whistles and all that we have the ability to become.  And let's strive to remember to take the time to remind others as well.  

Valerie found this song for me today.  It may not speak to all, but it did to me and thought I would share in case it speaks to you as well.

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October 18 2016


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