The New Year, New You Challenge participants had another week of success.  Whether the success was weight loss (a few had some SERIOUS losses this week), being able to maintain a goal weight for another week (this can really be hard sometimes) or the ability to overcome the difficulties of a challenging week and continue to keep their health a priority, we saw success!

We also had a first at LWC this week.  We saw a three-way tie for the biggest loser this week in the Team competition.  Andrew S, Angela A and Wayne W all had a weight loss percentage of 1.6%!  Kristy M from the Individual competition was just behind that with 1.4% and we were amazed with Susanne H.’s loss of 2.4%.  Congratulations to all our “losers” this week!


Now, if you didn’t see dramatic weight loss this week I want to re-emphasize that it is OKAY to be a slow and steady loser!  Your 1 and 2 lb. losses are just as significant and important because they were yours and you are getting closer to your goals.  Though LWC is a competition, it is not necessarily a race.  We want you to experience changes that last, so chin up!  You are on the right track.  Keep holding steady to the common-sense habits you are building, work hard in your exercise and watch those portions of healthy nutrition.  Be consistent, look for your own successes and know that you are making a difference in your health and being an example to those around you.  Now, get out there and finish this final week STRONG!  Show us (and yourself) what you’re made of!

Registration is open now for our Spring For Fitness Challenge.  Continue on your journey with Lifetime Wellness Challenge and let us help you to stay on track, keep on losing weight and feel amazing!!

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October 18 2016


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