I noticed that many of you are struggling to balance the upcoming holiday and your health goals.  Believe me, I understand!!  I'm having a hard time, too.  All the holiday prep can feel overwhelming.  The travel, the shopping, the CLEANING, the baking, getting caught up at work, the recitals and the list just keeps getting longer...everyday!


Here's the thing though, you will be so much better prepared to take on all of those tasks if you put YOU on the priority list.  Just think of the possibilities if you were to take 30 -45 min. each morning to exercise and plan out your day.  It could literally be the difference of feeling "on top of it all" and getting near the bottom of that "To Do" list and feeling like you're "chasing the bus" all day, leaving you in frustration and STRESS.  We all know what stress leads to, right?  For many of us.... stress eating, stress weight gain, stress sluggishness, stress frustration and more.  Let's decide NOW to evaluate our PRIORITIES and make sure that we are ON THE TOP OF THE LIST!


So, fun fact from this week's Team Competition.  The top teams in the lineup were separated by a difference of only 20 points.  Keep working hard, how you approach this week could make ALL the difference in the final outcome!

Also, for those of you who may be feeling like there's no chance in winning the competition, whether it be team or individual, and want to give up I want to remind you of something.

Wishing you the best, most wonderful and healthful holiday,

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Let's Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Together!
Thankful People are Happy People

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October 18 2016


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