Week 3 Wellness Challenge Winners

It's so fun announcing the line-ups every week and getting the chance to give shout outs to those who continue to work hard day after day.  We've got people here working to lose weight, maintain their weight as well as those who are just trying to develop healthy habits that help them live longer, healthier, happier lives.  All of those goals are worthwhile and inspiring.


For those of you just tuning in, I have to tell you how incredible these MINI participants are!  They may not have perfect points every week, but they have been putting in their best as they face holiday festivity temptations, busy schedules that make fitting in workouts even more difficult than usual, some have been traveling, moving households, struggling with lingering sicknesses of their own and/or their family members.  All the while, they have NOT forgotten themselves!!   And you know what?  It’s paying off!  I want to share a few of the comments we’ve received over the last few of days. 

“I am so happy that I joined this holiday mini challenge.  The fact that I have lost a few pounds over the past 3 weeks and maintained it is amazing. I don't think I have ever maintained over Christmas let alone lost weight in the month of December.  Usually the binge starts at Thanksgiving and continues well into the New Year.   This challenge has really kept me in check and I have really enjoyed the Facebook page.   It is nice to chat with others going through the same struggles.  Thank You!”  - Holly M.

“I’ve lost weight in December and stopped gaining after trying a different program that didn’t work!  Gonna stick to LWC!”

“After a short bout of gluttony this past week, my personal success was realizing how much better I feel since starting these challenges over a year ago.  Continuing to make healthier habit-changing choices definitely pays off.  I no longer have that miserable out-of-control feeling that I use to experience on a regular basis”

“So far for the month of December I haven’t gained weight!  First time ever!”

I’m just so very proud of all of you and your continued efforts to make good health a priority in your life.  It will truly serve you well over the coming years, as you will undoubtedly face the difficulties of life from time to time. 

Okay people, tonight is the last of a looooong line of holidays that seems to center around food and drink.  You’ve made it this far; don’t be swayed by all those fancy drinks and rich foods.  Plan ahead and let’s make the final week of this Challenge our absolute BEST!


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