Week 2 Results: Sweets, Support & Success

Remember the days of youth when summers felt long and full of free hours to fill with whatever kind of free spirited adventures you could think up before Mom called you in when it became dark?  Yes, it's a distant memory for me, too.  These days it feels like summer is just as busy as the holidays can be!  What happened?!?  Oh, that's right adulthood.  All the responsibilities of work, church, children, appointments and then add in all the planning required for summer fun activities like lake visits, hiking, racing, vacations, sports, reunions, barbecues and it can get downright hectic.  

You know what else can be surprisingly difficult during the summer?  Earning all those sweets points each week.  Let's be honest.  Summer can be HARD when it comes to sweets!  Maybe not as bad as say... the holidays, but pretty darn close!  It seems like every activity, every barbecue, every gathering of any kind has sugary treats as the main event or at least a highlight to the shindig.  I mean, really, when people think of summer, what images tend to come to mind other than sunshine and water?  Ice cream and popsicles, of course!!  Walking away from it all can become pretty difficult with a persistent host, but it IS possible.  Something that I've found that helps me to navigate sticky situations to be vocal about my goals in casual conversation.  That can make it much easier to make a good decision later when temptation is presented.  These days most people can be pretty understanding and you'll find they may actually want to help you make good choices.  Valerie wrote a post recently and highlighted how changing your personal dialogue from "I can't have that" to "I don't want to eat that" (or something similar) can really help overcome some of those tempting moments.  If you're looking for good suggestions or a pep talk for making better choices you may find this posts helpful.

How Can I Stop Sugar Cravings and/or Limit Sugar Intake?

Cut sugar as a way to LOSE WEIGHT!

Give it up...the SUGAR, I mean!

Okay, let's move from the struggle to the SUCCESS!!  It was SO fun to see how the teams lined up this week.  We definitely saw some flip flopping in the lineups.  Teams and Individuals that were near the bottom of the leaderboard last week put in the work and shot to the top this week!  I think that's so "fun" to watch because that means that everyone is working really hard to take that top spot!   That's right people, they're not rolling over easy, you're going to have to work for it!  Who doesn't love a healthy dose of friendly competition?  Check out this week's results below.

Well done everyone!!  I'm really proud of all of you and your efforts especially those who are struggling through difficult life circumstances.  Making changes to your lifestyle is not easy but always, always, always worth it.  Stay consistent, keep moving forward and reach out for support when you need it.  We're here for you, your teams are there for you and the FB group individuals are ready to share encouragement and support as well.  Utilize the resources you have (don't forget to download your workbook and review it often) and make this life the best one ever.  It is the only one you've got!

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