I'm am ridiculously PROUD of this group of individuals!  I don't think we've ever had quite a group like you.  I don't know if the Facebook page is what is making the difference or if you're just a unique group of participants but I think I'm in LOVE with this MINI and all of YOU!!!  You are eating healthy, trying so hard (even if not perfect) and losing weight in the HOLIDAY SEASON!!  AMAZING!!!  Want to know the BEST part?  You are building each other up!  You're not just competitors, but cheerleaders.  It's that mentality that has always drawn me to the running and triathlon communities and I'm just so pleased to see and feel that same excitement and encouragement here as well.  Thank you all for being so wonderful!  We'd love to see you ALL make it through these 4 weeks strong or at very least hanging on!  Let's all make it a personal goal to submit our points every single week, even if we're on the bottom of the leaderboard.  I know we can!!

If you haven't joined the 2014 MINI Support Page on Facebook please check your emails for your invitation.  It's a great place for encouragement and ideas for success!  If you're already there and "lurking" please chime in and take advantage of this wonderful group of support.  If  you're worried that maybe you don't have anything to say, I guarantee that you do.  Be a cheerleader for someone else, if you're not comfortable sharing your own struggles yet.  Let them know they are not alone in this journey.  Who knows, they may need your words the most.


I also want to be sure everyone knows that today is the LAST DAY of the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT on the 2015 NEW YEAR CHALLENGE.  Be sure to take advantage of the savings!  

Have a fit-tastic week and remember to slow down every now and then to enjoy this beautiful time of year.  You deserve it.

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October 18 2016


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