As many of you know, this is the first time Valerie and I are without a team since we began hosting Challenges about 3 years ago.  We firmly believe that accountability is a great tool for consistency in developing and maintaining healthy habits.  I, personally, know that I am driven by it.  If I know someone is going to be checking in on me, whether it be a workout or munching veggies over chips, you better believe I'm going to try much harder than when I'm flying solo.  So, as I was contemplating what to address today, I thought it might be fun to share our plan for staying on track without a team cheering us on everyday.

First, we are using the EXACT same spreadsheet options as each of you are.  We will be responsible for completing the SAME weekly bonuses that all the competitions will be doing.  We are really excited about those!  We have some fun things planned.  Basically, we'll be right along beside you every step of the way, you just won't see our names in the Results posts on Tuesdays.

The only real difference is that we won't have a team that will be counting on us to get as many points as possible for them!  That scares me a little but I'm going to try to be brave....and I may ask for your help along the

I'd love to share my Week 1 Bonus answers with you, if you don't mind.  It just feels weird to not share it with someone other than Valerie and I can always use a little extra accountability.  Feel free to check up on me!

 Okay, here it goes....

Q:  Why this challenge and what do you want to get out of it?

A:  I LOVE this challenge!!  I love that it's not based on crazy ideas, but has a solid foundation in good health and exercise.  When I finish out this 8 weeks I want to feel confident in my abilities to train for difficult events.

Q:  Choose a Personal Goal.

A:  Mine is two-fold: I will lose no less than 7 points on any given week and I will run a sub-8 minute mile.

Q:  Take a BEFORE photo.

A:  Ta-da!

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Q:  Choose a non-food reward for meeting my Personal Goal.

A:  If I don't lose more than 7 pts/week for the entire challenge I will splurge on a manicure/pedicure and if I can run a sub-8 minute mile at the end, then I get a WHOLE DAY to myself to read, sleep in the sun, go to lunch with friends, whatever tickles my fancy.

Q:  Complete the "Fitness Test"


Q:  Team Goal/Support System

A:  Since I'm not on a team I'll be reporting to Valerie (my greatest support) each week regarding points earned/lost and why.

Q:  Exercise Plan

A:  Don't be scared by this.  I'm training for a Triathlon Sprint. 

      Monday:  swim & run

      Tuesday:  weight lifting

      Wednesday:  rest and/or stretching

      Thursday:  weight lifting

      Friday:  long run

      Saturday:  long bike ride/really, really short run

      Sunday:  rest

Before I sign off today, I just want to be sure to thank each of you for being extremely patient and understanding as we take on this new website.  Your support has been amazing!!  THANK YOU!!  

We love what we do because of YOU!!!  Keep inspiring us!!