Lifetime Wellness Challenge is not just about ways to lose weight, but since the overwhelming majority of us are trying to do just that, today I want to address an issue that many struggle with:  

Eating Breakfast 


There are many reasons people choose to skip breakfast, but I'll just list a few:

*  I want to save on calories.

*  Mornings are hectic and I don't have time.

*  I don't like traditional "breakfast" foods.

*  Making breakfast is a hassle.



*  Trying to save calories by skipping breakfast is likely to result in the exact opposite.  You'll be "starving" later, which can to lead to overeating at lunch, dinner and snack time by convincing yourself, "It's okay, I saved 300 calories by not eating breakfast".  Sadly, that overeating was probably NOT on fresh fruits and vegetables and far more than 300 calories.

*  There are SO many quick options these days for hectic mornings, but the most important one is planning ahead!  Be sure to include protein and fiber and you've got yourself a decent start for the day.

*  Who says you need to eat traditional breakfast foods in the morning?  I would steer clear of cake and cookies, but there's no reason to pass on last night's leftovers to start your day right.  In fact, many countries around the world offer far more variety at their breakfast bars than we in the states do.

*  Again, PLAN AHEAD!  Here are some great quick fixes for the morning dash!  Breakfast Burritos (freezer), DIY Instant Oatmeal Packets, Refrigerator Oatmeal.  And for those who failed to plan try:  greek yogurt with fresh fruit, a handful of raw nuts and a cheese stick, any fruit/veggie smoothie combo, a slice of whole wheat toast and an apple, last night's leftovers...the options are endless, really. 

Clearly, in an ideal world we would always have the time to prepare a perfectly balanced breakfast, but in the reality of our hussle and bustle society, sometimes we have to just do the best we can with what we have.  So the moral of this story is:  eating breakfast really is doable and it is also one of many ways to lose weight, so DON'T SKIP IT!

Today, I've eliminated a few of the excuses, but now we'd LOVE to hear from YOU how you and your family manage to get a healthy breakfast in everyday!  Please share your tips in the comments!  We're all in this together!!