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I was so impressed with all of the traveling snack ideas that you guys came up with for last week's Hot Topic!!  You had some really GREAT ideas, so I thought I'd compile them here as a quick and easy reference for those fun summer vacations/road trips that you have planned in the next few months.  These ideas are great for in the car or on the plane, but they would also work as snacks or meals at a hotel. 

The most important thing is to PLAN AHEAD and BE PREPARED!  Some of your organizational ideas were:

1.  Pack pre-portioned (100 calorie) snack sized baggies

2.  Use tiny cups to fill with snacks along the way

3.  Pack a lunch box for each child (put in one treat and then lots of healthy stuff)

4.  Plan your lunch stops in advance - look for healthier places like Subway to eat

5.  When eating out, start with a broth-based soup as an appetizer

6.  Stop along the way for "exercise" - you could explore sites along the way or just take a quick break to stretch your legs


Snack Box2

 I would add:

1.  Be sure to clean your fruits and veggies in advance - and chop them up if possible to make them that much easier to access and eat.

2.  I saw this idea on Pinterest that looked pretty fun!(I'm not necessarily recommending the pictured snacks!!)


3.  This link has some brilliant ideas on different ways to pack with dips!

4.  Baby wipes...even if you don't have babies, they are so handy for cleaning up!

5.  Just because these snacks are "healthy" doesn't mean you can eat unlimited amounts of them without consequence.  Some of these are high in calories (nuts, trail mix, crackers, granola bars, etc), so eat them sparingly!!  Stick to raw, fresh veggies and plain water as much as possible for best results!


And, now...here are your snack ideas:


Jerky, Turkey jerky 

Cheese (sticks), Laughing Cow wedges


Luna bars, Lara bars (protein bars)

Fiber bars

Granola bars


Vegetables:  Celery (w/peanut butter), carrot sticks or "chips", grape tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers (soaked in vinegar and onions first), sugar snap peas, broccoli, sweet potatoes/yams (cut up raw) 

Hummus dip (if you have a FABULOUS recipe, please comment below - I'd love some ideas)

Fruits:  grapes (frozen), strawberries, apples, cuties, bananas, blueberries, tangerines, jicama, plums, peaches, cherries, raspberries 

Freeze dried fruits:  strawberries, pineapple 

Dried Fruit:  Craisins, raisins, mangos  

Nuts:  almonds (roasted w/sea salt), pistachios, sunflower seeds, cashews, peanuts, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds 

Rice cakes

Pirate's Booty (What is this?)

Graham Crackers

Fig Newtons

Wheat Thins (reduced fat)

Triscuits (Rosemary & Olive Oil flavored)

Multigrain crackers

Pretzels/pretzel crisps

Bagel Chips

Plantain chips (eat sparingly)

Salma crackers (only available in Mexico :(  )

Trail Mix (homemade)

Popcorn (air popped)

Skinny Cow snacks (for a healthier indulgence)

Fruit Snacks

No Bake Energy Bites

Premade Sandwiches (or the makings for sandwiches)

Graham Cracker Sandwiches (w/banana and peanut butter as the filling)

Oatmeal cereal mixed w/grapenuts, raisins and walnuts (put enough in a plastic ziploc for breakfasts)

Homemade Banana Bread (this recipe is made w/whole wheat flour, applesauce and honey)




Flavored Water


Green Tea

Protein drinks


Fruit juices

V8/V8 Fusions

Kombucha Tea (What is Kombucha Tea?)

Drinkable yogurt


Ice (to chew on)


You are now prepared for healthy travels...stay SAFE and have a fun, FUN summer!!!

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