Ways to Lose Weight: Eat Breakfast

Lifetime Wellness Challenge is not just about ways to lose weight, but since the overwhelming majority of us are trying to do just that, today I want to address an issue that many struggle with:  

Eating Breakfast 

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Guest — January Individuals
I would never make it out of the house if I didnt have burritos and breakfast sandwiches in the fridge and freezer. On the weekend... Read More
Wednesday, 29 January 2014 02:22
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Tips for a Successful Challenge

You've joined a Lifetime Wellness Challenge and taken your first step towards making sensible LASTING health changes.  Now what??    In order to have a truly successful challenge, we have a few tips that will help you be ready to reach your goals!   USE YOUR TEAM!    We are on teams for for the accountability, the camaraderie, the daily support and the FUN!  Focus on making changes for yourself, but remember that when that desire fades, your team is still counting on you to do your best.   J oin the ...
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