Bad NUTRITION will sabotage every effective weight loss plan

When I first decided to start exercising, one of the reasons I wanted to get fit was…I wanted to be able to eat anything (and everything) I wanted.  Sounds like a really effective weight loss plan doesn't it?  I mean, once you are exercising regularly, you can eat cake every day, right?  (And monster cookies...and LemonHeads...and Raspberry Fritters and...well, you see where I'm headed here).  Needless to say, that has not worked out so well for me.  Apparently, that's not really how this whole "get fit" thing works.  Sadly, it has become quite clear to me that the saying..."YOU CAN'T OUT EXERCISE A BAD DIET" really is a true statement.  This is disheartening to me because it is easier to find the determination to make myself exercise 45 minutes a day than to force myself to eat well 24 hours a day (okay, more like 16-17 hours if I'm getting a decent amount of sleep).

So, let's think about this logically...I could easily figure out how to consume 800-1500 calories in 15 minutes or less by getting a large popcorn with butter and a gigantic Coke at the movies...or by picking up fast food at Wendy's at the end of a long and frustrating day instead of taking the time to prepare a home-cooked meal...or by relaxing with a good book and a couple of KitKat's, Butterfingers and the above mentioned (and all-time favorite of mine) LemonHeads!!  There is, however, NO WAY I could burn the same amount of calories in 15 minutes or less.  That would take me 1 or 2 hours.

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October 18 2016


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