Tabata Supersets Workout

I found this tabata workout via Pinterest over at last spring when I was looking for something to mix up my routine.  I tell you what...consider my routine thoroughly mixed!  This is a challenging workout for sure.  

I don't think I could have completed this routine more than 2 times through!  What's nice about this workout is that all of these exercises can be adapted to your fitness level.  If jumping jacks are too much for your right now, go ahead and do steps to the side while bringing your arms above your head.  Any time it says "run" you can "step".  If you're on the opposite spectrum and are looking for a more challenging workout, then you could do this workout as outlined to your 100% effort and I promise you will finish sweaty, exhausted and satisfied with a workout that pushed you to work hard!



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October 18 2016


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