Who's been anxiously awaiting to see how the other competitions are doing?!?  I apologize for the late posting.  We're getting ready for our annual SLC adventure for the Marathon and Bike Tour and well... that's all I got.  We'll be back to regularly scheduled programming next week :)  Let's see those results already!  

I've noticed a trend over the last few weeks with points submissions.  Many of you seem to really be struggling with getting all those sweets points.  Maybe Easter got you down and you're still trying to get back on track or maybe you have always struggled with keeping sweets within limits or maybe you are just not sure how to let go of the sugar.  Whatever the reason, let's come together and see if we can come up with some ways to help you out!  See, while many may be struggling with the sugars, there are still SO many more of you who are ROCK STARS at keeping them at bay.  

I propose enlisting the help of the rock stars!  Okay, sweets rock stars what tips can you share that is helping you stay on track with the sweets for those who are still in the struggling stage?  Valerie and I have written a few posts over the years that you might also find helpful.  Check those out below.  Now, let's rally together and give the support we KNOW we'd want.  Ready, set, SHARE!


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Give it up...the SUGAR, I mean!

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October 18 2016


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