Tips for a Successful Challenge

You've joined a Lifetime Wellness Challenge and taken your first step towards making sensible LASTING health changes.  Now what??    In order to have a truly successful challenge, we have a few tips that will help you be ready to reach your goals!



We are on teams for for the accountability, the camaraderie, the daily support and the FUN!  Focus on making changes for yourself, but remember that when that desire fades, your team is still counting on you to do your best.  

Join the Facebook Support group.  Those who are involved in this group are far more likely to complete all 8 weeks AND see more success.



Change doesn't just happen.  You have to want it.  No one can do it for you and no one can make you do it.  You have to decide whether you'll do the bare minimums or really put forth your best effort in your workouts.  You'll also decide whether or not you'll let a bad moment, become a bad day, week, etc.



Much like life, we have choices in this challenge.  No one is forced to eat their veggies, drink the water, participate in the Bonuses, etc.  The point system is designed to reward you for doing so, but you are not required to do any of it. (though your team might have a different plan)  Also, like life, every choice has a consequence, good or bad.  If you want to gorge on 6+ sweet servings in a week, you are free to do so, but you will cost your team a lot of points and certainly won't be doing yourself any health favors.  If you want to strive for perfect points and push hard in your workouts, you WILL reap the rewards and benefits of doing so.  It is YOUR CHOICE of how successful you will be in the next 8 weeks.



We LOVE to share successes - especially YOURS!  So, if you have EVER participated in a Lifetime Wellness Challenge and you have had ANY kind of health goal SUCCESS (ie. goal weight, completed a race, maintenance, healthy pregnancy, given up a vice, had  a change of attitude, done something you never thought possible, etc) use our SHARE YOUR TRIUMPH form and and share your story!  You can include as much (pictures) or as little as you are comfortable sharing.  No last names will be revealed, so feel free to email any TRIUMPHS, any time!

The real purpose of sharing your triumphs is to be an example to others that it is possible to meet your goals in a healthy and SENSIBLE way, and that healthy living is made up of the small successes we accomplish each day.  Hard work and dedication, along with patience, can payoff big time.  Also, you should be proud of what you've done, so take some time to think it through, write it down and pay it forward by being an inspiration to others!


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October 18 2016


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