Stop comparing weight loss journeys...

Comparing your weight loss journey to someone else's will always leave you disappointed.  No two paths are the same.  You may just be starting out and are envious of someone else's ending.  Don't forget the hard work, dedication and struggle they experienced to get where they are now.  That is the road you are headed down and there are lessons you need to learn along the way.  Focus on your own journey...your own dedication...your own determination...and especially your own small successes.  

Each little step in the right direction takes you one step closer to YOUR goals and one step further from where you are today.  Don't use up your energy wishing for what someone else has worked for.  Be inspired and motivated and put all your efforts and focus into earning that success for yourself!


Maintenance Is a BIG Deal!
Be Happy WHILE Losing Weight

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October 18 2016


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