So, You're Ready to Submit Your Points

 Congratulations!!  You've survived the first week of tracking points!  Now, it's time to get those points submitted for your team.

The following instructions can be found under the FAQ links.

It's the end of the 1st week (Monday).  How do I submit my points?

Once you are logged into your competition, you will see a Points Submission category in the right hand column under "Weekly Bonus" and "Hot Topic".  You will ONLY see this during the times we accept points (Sunday mornings thru Monday at 8pm (MDT).  If you miss the deadline, you will need to contact us if you had extenuating circumstances.  We do try to be understanding.

Open the spreadsheet you have saved on your computer as a reference.  Make sure that you have input all of your point and weight loss% accurately.  *Also, be sure you have entered in your starting information on the Inital Setup tab or it will not calculate properly.

 You will find the "Weekly Weight Loss Percentage" that must be reported under your weight loss information in orange.  The "Total Pounds Lost to Date" is in purple on the right. 


The submission form is pretty self explanatory from here.  Be extra careful that you choose the correct competition & team.  It'd be a shame for another team to receive your hard earned points. ;)  After submission, the screen will flash "Data Submitted Successfully" and you will receive a confirmation email to the address you input on the form.  If you do not receive that email then RESUBMIT to be sure your points will be calculated.


EXCERPT FROM RULES (applicable to all tracks): 

You will report your points at the end of each completed week (on Mondays) via the "Points Submission" link. 

 Points must be reported by 8 p.m. MDT on Monday night. We will send out a reminder email by 6pm (mst) to submit your points.  If your points are not reported by 8 p.m. Monday night, your points from that week will NOT count at all. 

Be considerate of your team's hard work and get your points in on time.  If you find that Monday's are too hectic for you, then you may submit on Sunday but will need to be consistent with your submission day.

When we declare the team that wins each week, we will NOT be posting the points each team reported. Weekly Results are not cumulative, the Final Results are. At the very end of the competition, we will post the point grand totals, and will rank the teams and declare an overall winner.

We ask that everyone please be honest in your point reporting. Your integrity is not worth a few points, and your health will reflect your commitment to living the rules of this competition. 

Your body is your home...take care of it!
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