Run For the Cure 2014

Valerie and I were so excited to form a team for a local benefit race organized by Personal Best Performance this past weekend.  We were thrilled to be a part of this, as we knew that all the proceeds from the race would be donated locally to raise breast cancer awareness and fund research for finding a cure to this terrible disease.  Though not personally affected by breast cancer, we’ve had friends who are, so we wanted to show our support for their continued courage by gathering our local friends and family together to do our small part in raising awareness.

Before the opening ceremonies the DJs helped the crowd get warmed up for the event with some fun music.  They even generously shared the stage, letting the little ones get their groove on for the crowd!  It was so adorable to watch!  

I love that this event gave us the opportunity to support survivors and those currently fighting breast cancer while working out and having fun with our families, as well as giving us an excellent reason to get our groove on while wearing PINK!

This was the 9th annual Run for the Cure event hosted by Personal Best Performance and it did not disappoint.  There was a touching video (see video below), highlighting national and local events, played on the big Jumbotron during the opening ceremony and local survivors came up and shared their stories in the closing ceremony.  The faith and resilience of these brave women is astounding!  They are the true heroes of our day. 

The race itself was inspiring as we jogged/walked among so many supporters and fighters!  Many had signs on their backs where the names of those they were running for were listed and if they themselves were breast cancer survivors.  They were out there proudly running alongside their friends and family in love and support.  I was grateful to be among them.

As the festivities were closing up, the race director began giving out various awards and Valerie and I were surprised; yet honored, to be recognized for the "Most Inspirational Team Lead" award!  It was exciting to stand up on stage and accept such an award.  We do try our best to inspire others through all that we do with Lifetime Wellness Challenge and hopefully in the examples of our daily lives, too.  We will continue to do all we can to support building health in ourselves and our community!  

We're so very grateful to have had this opportunity to participate in such a fun and meaningful event.  We will definitely be back next year and hope to have many more of you by our side when we do!




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