I was thinking recently about all the people who are facing life's struggles right now.  Just in the New Year, New You Challenge there have been several who have lost loved ones, lost opportunities and/or just feel down.  They express feelings of frustration about life being too hard to make their health a priority and want to give up now insisting that they'll put themselves back on the priority list once things "settle down".  
Oh, how familiar those words and sentiments are.  Please know that if you're feeling this way, you are not alone.  Life is tough on a normal day.  When big trials are thrown at us it can feel at times, too much to handle.  The thing is... there will always be difficulties.  Always.  Take a minute and try to think of a time when you were not busy.  Took more than a minute, didn't it?  You were probably 5 and even then your version of busy just looked different than your busy at 19 or 35 or 65.  We can either give up every time life gets hard or we can find a different way to cope.  It's time to stop dealing with loss, stress, frustrations, feelings of inadequacy and disappoints with food and inactivity.  It's time to do something different when life is difficult, myself included.  

As I was thinking about these things, I stumbled across this post from 2013.  It's an email that Sarah L. sent us and it perfectly sums up how to persevere and press forward amid difficulties faced while working to live a healthier lifestyle.

"This challenge has proven, yet again, why I have to stop thinking that weight loss can just happen in a vacuum. STUFF HAPPENS. This was my fifth time doing the challenge. Through these five challenges, I have dealt with getting pregnant (twice), losing those pregnancies (twice), getting sick to the point that I cannot exercise for several days or even weeks (three times), traveling (always), and dealing with countless other "hiccups" along the way. What I've learned is that I can't expect to go even a few weeks without some event coming into my life that makes weight loss tough. I don't have a small amount of weight to lose... Eventually, I want to lose around 100 pounds. That's not going to happen fast - this isn't "The Biggest Loser," it's REAL life. It's not going to happen uneventfully - I'm going to have to deal with illness and (hopefully successful) pregnancy and travel and personal issues. It's not going to happen without work - I have to stop thinking I can just buckle down and do it all at once... and if I fail a little bit, then oh well, I give up. NO. I have to approach this as something I want to accomplish slowly, probably over the next five years or so, and knowing that there will be plenty of obstacles along the way... but I am persistent, I am strong, and I am committed. It's too important to be anything less."  -Sarah L., Tacos, Sushi, Apple Pie & Maple Syrup
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