Wednesday Wisdom

get out of jail free



You've all been granted a LWC pardon for late points this week!


We know that with the new site changes and Internet Explorer going all wacky on us on such an important day, it has been a bit confusing for some of you.  So, LUCKY YOU, we are pardoning all late points this week!  This a ONE TIME special circumstance so make sure you review the following reminders so you'll be prepared for next Monday.


1.  LOGIN is necessary to view all the information regarding your specific competition.  This includes the POINTS SUBMISSION FORM.  See your Welcome email for the username and password assigned to your competition. 

2.  Read THIS POST from Sunday outlining the instructions for submitting your points.  It explains exactly where and when to find the form.

3.  REMEMBER:  The points submission form will ONLY be visable and available to use from Sunday morning to Monday at 8pm (MDT).  If you know that Monday's are just too crazy at your house, you may submit your points on Sundays instead.

 4.  If you are having technical difficulties or otherwise unable to report points, please let us know right away so we can help you resolve the issue!!  And don't be afraid to ask a teammate to submit your points for you if you don't have access to your computer or internet.  They are there to help and support you!

5.  If for some reason the website is not loading in your browser...try another one!  Google Chrome and Firefox work great for us. 


Also, if you still haven't gotten your points in, you MUST email us your information ASAP (as in, right now) for them to be added to your team and/or individual totals.  Emailing us is necessary because the submission forms will not be available again until next Sunday morning.  See #3.


GOOD NEWS!!  Internet Explorer is loading our site again!!!  


Not so great news....subscriptions aren't working consistently with the blog component....sigh....


BEST NEWS?!?  We are blessed to have such wonderful and patient participants for this round as we work out a few bugs!  Valerie and I were chatting last night and we are both just amazed at how great you've all been.  We truly are grateful for your understanding of our imperfections and are excited to be able tohopefully give you the best LWC experience yet despite a few glitches here and there.

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October 18 2016


Transform your lifestyle by creating common-sense healthy habits. Earn points daily for making choices that ultimately improve your health.

Our 8-week challenges provide the friendly competition and accountability you need to make your weight loss journey fun AND effective

We provide the tools and training that you’ll need to succeed - no diet, no fads. Overall wellness is the NUMBER ONE goal at LWC.