I was blown away by all of the New Year Challenge participants this week!  You are on FIRE!!!  You are not just losing weight, which many are doing in a big way,  but you are developing habits that will serve you well throughout your life.  THAT, my friends, is worth applauding!!  Now, let's look at the lineups for WEEK 1...  Be sure to check out our biggest losers AND our combined weight loss, 220 lbs, in just the first week.  That' is amazing.  Absolutely amazing.

I want to make special note to those who may not have had as big of weight loss this week as some others did.  I urge you to stay strong and please, don't let this discourage you.  Keep in mind that even if you experience slow and steady loss the whole 8 weeks,  you could be 8 -16 pounds lighter by the end.  Seriously, 8-16 lbs!!!  Doesn't that sound GREAT?!?  


Remember, 8 weeks is a long time and anything can happen in 8 weeks.  Those big losers this week may hit plateaus at just about the time you're picking up speed.  At the end of the day, it will be your effort and YOUR success that will matter most, not anyone else's.  No amount of winnings will be as sweet as having your health improve and getting your life back.


Tip:  Review your Workbook often.  Don't let it and all your goals and aspirations gather dust.  Place it somewhere you will see it everyday so when you feel tempted to give up or do less than you're capable of, you can look back on your "Why" and keep moving forward.

Now take a deep breath, get out there and make this day GREAT!!


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October 18 2016


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