Motivate Me! Monday

"Motivate Mondays are a great idea!  I have had high and low days.  I have put on the pounds over the years and it's sooooo very humiliating!  I used to be athletic, competitive, I even ran on the ambulance for 5 years with lots of mountain runs! I was even bigger than I'd like but I was energetic at that time and I still could move!  Life has thrown our family lots of curve balls.  As life throws many trials to many families!  I think stress and taking care of everyone else.....somewhere I LOST ME! Thank you friends and Challenge because even though it's tough to work out everyday etc....In four weeks I am down 10 pounds and even though some measurements didn't change at all and some a little, I lost 2.3 inches off my hips! WOO HOOOOO!!  This IS TOTAL MOTIVATION! I hope you all keep going even when the stress is there and you're so tired! Good Luck To all of us!!!!"

Minny S. 2/6/12

Wednesday Wisdom
Are you stretching correctly?

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October 18 2016


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