Losing Weight and Feeling Great!

"Since January 2014 I have lost over 22 pounds!!  I didn't realize that until I looked this morning!!!  I am VERY HAPPY about that and I know that when I eat healthy I not only feel better physically but mentally.  This program helps me to think about what I am putting into my mouth and why I think I need to eat some of the stuff I do.  Am I perfect at eating only healthy things?  GOSH NO!!  But it certainly helps me think about it and quite often, I don't eat it!!!  THANK YOU for this program!!!  I love my friend, Linda, for inviting me to participate!!!"
- Marcia Z, No Excuses!

I just can't get enough of these types of emails!  I absolutely LOVE that you are changing your habits, feeling good and seeing the benefits.  THIS is what LWC is all about.  It's not about being perfect.  It's not about having a rock hard body.  It's not about looking like anyone else.  It's about LIVING your life in a way that allows you to live your life YOUR WAY!  

Summer Shape Up & Week 6 Results
Week 5 Results - ENOUGH with the Sweets Already!

What We're Saying

October 18 2016


Transform your lifestyle by creating common-sense healthy habits. Earn points daily for making choices that ultimately improve your health.

Our 8-week challenges provide the friendly competition and accountability you need to make your weight loss journey fun AND effective

We provide the tools and training that you’ll need to succeed - no diet, no fads. Overall wellness is the NUMBER ONE goal at LWC.