Lori T completes a 5K with a twist

I have been so impressed with Lori T and her positive attitude since she started competing in the 2014 Holiday Challenge.  One of the weekly bonuses during that Challenge was to complete a 5K Turkey Trot (3.1 miles) over the week of Thanksgiving.  It was not a requirement to participate in a local event, but to get out there and finish the distance however you could at your level of fitness.  Lori chose to use a DVD to complete it.  I hadn’t thought of that!  Way to get creative, Lori!

“Thanksgiving morning, Jesse and I completed Leslie Sansone's Walk at home 5K with a twist, which produced a real good sweat. Jesse is my 13-year-old son. I felt a little stressed about it but Jesse set it all up for us, which relieved some of my stress. Jesse was happy to join me since he got to play a few of his favorite workout tunes while we did the 5K together. I enjoyed sharing the experience with him and hope to help my son learn to be physically active and have healthy eating habits for a lifetime. Thank you for the holiday challenge.”

What a great example she is for her family.  Thank you for sharing your experience and the success of completing the 5K!!  We look forward to hearing more about your journey to a healthier you!  Watch out 2015 New Year "New You" competitors, she's still working hard!

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October 18 2016


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