Little Things Make a Big Difference in a Fitness Challenge

Do you sometimes wonder if those “little things” you’re doing every day such as eating 5+ fruits and vegetables, getting 30+ minutes of exercise, limiting (not forbidding) sweets, reaching out to others and all those other habits you’re working to develop, really make a difference? Let me tell you, THEY DO!  The BEST part of my job is getting to hear all the wonderful successes that our participants experience and seeing those "little things" in action.  

Brian S. wrote to us last week saying, “Feeling motivated and so excited that this is working and we're able to do this together with my team. It makes a huge difference. I buttoned the top button on my shirt this week and it fit.  A small thing over all, but it was huge to me.” – Brian S. (The All Mighty Huff & Puffs)

He isn’t alone.  There are many of you striving each week to do the “little things” and those little things are adding up and will pay off in a big way as you stay consistent.

For those of you who have learned to be consistent in the daily healthy habits and are looking for something more to help keep you moving forward in your health journey, check out the video below on food journaling and consider giving it a try for a week to gage where you’re at and find areas you can make improvements.  

Best of luck hard work this week and as always, feel free to comment below and/or contact us if you have questions, suggestions or are in need of extra support.


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