Going Cold Turkey

One success I had on this challenge was in quitting my intake of Diet Coke. I had been going back and forth with quitting, tried weaning myself and then found days when I had ramped back up again. 
I don't drink coffee, so this was my wake-up, and daily go-to drink. I run, and I would even drink this before a run. Anyway, on the week where we had to come up with questions and answers for our team mates, our group had a question about caffeine, it effects, etc. I knew I needed to quit and my kids began harping on me saying I was doing a wellness challenge, yet I was still pounding the Diet Cokes. That finally did it for me. I decided to go cold turkey (and believe me, the first 3-4 days were awful!) I am proud to say that I have not had a Diet Coke. I feel better, think I look a little better (:-D and know I have made a big positive change in my overall health by kicking this nasty habit. Thank you Lifetime Wellness Challenge and my lovely team mates who supported me and helped give me strength to get through my headaches and caffeine cravings!
Susan C.
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October 18 2016


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