Jan A Turkey Trot

It is so fun to share Turkey Trot stories.  Who cares if it's months past Thanksgiving, right?  I think Jan A.'s story is one of love for her family and the spirit of determination for herself.   Which makes this completely fitting this week.  With that in mind, I'd like to share Jan A.'s experience.

"I am the mother of Alicia B... We did the Turkey Trot together.  Since the Lifetime Wellness Challenge, she and I have been doing a lot of races together.  It has been so amazingly fun.  Previous to this, she would hardly even exercise and now she is committed.  I have been racing again since 10 years ago.  At 40, I had a major injury and could barely walk. Up until 40, I was a dedicated runner and triathlete.  Now I am just happy that I can do anything... Thanks for the program!"  - Jan A.


Thank you, Jan A, for sharing!  Your dedication to improving your health after such a difficult injury is heartening.  It reminds me that no matter the circumstances, it's possible to continue moving forward.  I just love that you and Alicia are supporting each other through your races. Keep inspiring us, gals!


Suffering Can Be Oh, So Good

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October 18 2016


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