How Can I Stop Sugar Cravings and/or Limit Sugar Intake?

A few challenges ago, I believe it was last summer, we had a Question & Answer weekly bonus.  Each team member had to ask the team one health question and then their teammates had to answer that question, either with their own experiences or by researching.  I was reading through some of these question/answers the other day and I found some gems that I think are worth sharing.

Faye:  I have heard that chewing gum, grabbing a piece of fruit, or even brushing your teeth sometimes can help with sugar craving.  I have a big problem with this also . . . sometime you just take a bite!
Kara:  The best way I have found to limit sugar intake is to fill up on protein.  If that doesn't work, have some fruit.  If that doesn't work, drink a cup of water.  If that doesn't work, then eat the cookie.  Because eating a cookie is the last resort, you shouldn't eat as much because you filled up on other things first.  I've recently started this and it seems to be helping!
Kris:  Try eating something that tastes good but is low fat (sugar free) that will curb the cravings.
Judy:  When I want a "treat" I set a time when I can have it (and look forward to it---can't have it until the set time). I set aside just how much I feel I can have and when I eat it, I take little bites and savor each bite.  Before eating it I drink a BIG glass of water and then have tea with it so other things are filling me up as well.  Doesn't always work but it has helped!
Charla:  I seem to have inherited this problem from my mother…sometimes I eat none so that I won’t eat too much. I like Kara’s idea…
  • Avoid mindless eating.  When eating a treat, sit down at a table and pay attention.  Avoid checking your email, watching tv, playing on your phone... Think about what you're eating and how much.  Take time to ENJOY it, then when the portion is gone, walk away and do something else!
  • Don't eat from the package.  Use a plate, bowl or even a napkin to get a good visual of what you are going to eat before taking your first bite.
  • Slow down!  When you eat fast, it is very easy to consume more than your body has time to realize.
  • Drink your water first!  You'll find there isn't as much room for the extra when you do.
  • Reduce the amount of breads, chips, crackers and salty snacks you eat.  The more salty and starchy, the more your body will crave it.
Do you have any suggestions that are working for you?  Please share yours in the comments below!
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October 18 2016


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