How are you WINNING?

We all have opportunities in life to win…and for most of us, those opportunities rarely involve an actual finish line.  In fact, your personal victories may go completely unnoticed by everyone around you.  Some of these are small and can be “won” daily, like earning all your habit points (fruits and veggies, exercise, water, etc.) and some have to be earned with much work and dedication, like being able to bench press your own body weight, do an unassisted pull up, run a 5K without walking or reaching and maintaining your goal weight.  Just because others may not celebrate your accomplishments doesn’t mean that YOU don’t deserve some acknowledgement.  When you overcome something hard, endure a horrible-terrible-no-good-very-bad-day or achieve what you previously thought was impossible, give yourself credit.  And if you’re REALLY proud of yourself and bursting to tell someone, let us know so we can join in your excitement!! 

Being able to recognize, appreciate and celebrate your victories is what keeps you motivated to stay on track to achieving your goals and is what makes this whole journey worthwhile.  Don’t focus on shortfalls and unachieved goals.  Be proud of your wins and continue working every day to realize your dreams!

Overcoming nerves and completing a 5-mile Turkey T...
Let's Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Together!

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October 18 2016


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