Healthy Snack Attack Options


School is OUT and summer has officially begun!  While I'm really enjoying not having a schedule and letting my kids stay up and sleep in a little later each day, I'm NOT loving how often they want to SNACK.  Good grief!  My youngest boy is a constant grazer and if I don't have something readily available that is healthy, he's just as happy to pull out the chips, squeeze cheese or popsicles (I will admit that I don't feed my kids ONLY healthy foods - especially if their father has recently been sent to the store for a few "essential" groceries).  That being said, I do try to keep healthy snacks in the rotation and easy to access at all times.  I was a little caught off guard last week though as I guess I just didn't realize how much the kids really ate during the day.  This sent me scrambling to Pinterest for some healthy, EASY snacks that I could prepare ahead of time because although they LOVE my Energy Bites, I just can't keep them happy with those all summer long.  I've found a LOT of really yummy options and wanted to share 2 of them with you today!  Both of these recipes were inspired by recipes found on ChocolateCoveredKatie's website.  If you love sweets and haven't checked out her recipes, I would HIGHLY recommend it.  She's got soooo many delicious-looking, healthy desserts that I can't wait to try!

Here are my versions of her Homemade Clif Bars and 3 Minute High Protein Granola Bars...

Both of these recipes are SUPER fast and easy and I didn't have to run to the store for any of the ingredients...YAY!  If you don't have Craisins or dried bananas, I'm sure you could substitute raisins and fresh bananas and have them still taste delicious.  You will most likely have to add extra oats if you use fresh bananas in order to prevent them from being too wet.  You could also use any flavor of protein powder in the Protein Oat Bars as well.  Experiment and have fun with these recipes and enjoy knowing that you're giving your kids healthy options when snack time rolls around for the hundredth time today!


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