Healthy Holidays Week 2 Results

What a fantastic week!!  By the looks of the numbers this week, many of you had some eye opening experiences as you food journaled and calorie counted.  Just look at those results!  In just one week, as a whole, you've lost an additional 83 lbs!  And truthfully, I know there were a few who didn't make the deadline for submitting points, so I suspect that number is in actuality much higher!  Incredible work!  Keep it up those great habits and you'll be seeing your goal in sight in no time.

It's been fun to follow the Solo Challenge group on Facebook and read some of the things they learned about their food habits this week.  Some realized that they are eating more than they thought, some noticed they are eating the same things over and over, that alcohol has LOTS of calories, or that the more fruits and veggies they intake, the less sweets they eat.  Others found that they were calorie and/or nutrient deficient and still others were struggling to plan well for healthy eating.  Food journaling can be a real drag sometimes with it's tedious nature, but overall it just can't be beat when it comes to an honest accounting of intake and how exercise (or the lack of) makes an impact on that accounting.  Out of curiousity, what things did YOU learn as you focused on recording your foods this past week?  Will you change anything specific from here on out?  Did you find that you had better results this week, than last?


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October 18 2016


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