No More Counting Reps: Gymboss Interval Timer

Ever since starting interval training, I've struggled with the "timing" portion of it.  I'm often using the built-in timer on my phone, which is nice, but the screen is always shutting down on me or if I set the display to not shut down then it's sucking my battery life.  It also bugs me that I'm constantly having to reset it for my work vs rest time and I feel like it's a waste of my precious time...sigh.  The whoas of modern technology...;)  Last night I was cruising my Pinterest Fitness Board for new ideas for workouts and found this gem of an app!  Gymboss Interval Timer  It's available for iphone and android.

There is, as with all things, a small learning curve for setting up the work/rest intervals, but there's a help menu that walks you through the setup process.  Score!  Now I can do my intervals and focus on the work (or the tv show I'm watching) instead of the timer!  YAY!!

Have any of you tried out the Gymboss Interval Timer?  What do you think of it?  Do you have any other helpful interval apps you like?


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October 18 2016


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