Getting the Weight Off and Keeping It Off

Have we mentioned lately just how much we LOVE hearing about how well you have done!?!  It's not just exciting for you, it's incredibly exciting for us as well!!  When Greg let us know last week that he'd been able to stay at least 20 lbs below his initial weight since beginning, we were reminded again why we continue to host these challenges.  YOU INSPIRE US!

You may think it is the other way around sometimes, but not so!  As you know, Valerie and I still have our own struggles that we continue to work through every single day.  

It does get easier, but it's not always easy.   Staying healthy is something we will have to continue to work at.  None of us will just "arrive" someday at "healthy" and just stay there without continued work.  It will take a lifetime of diligence to these daily habits to stay there.  Many "programs" out there don't like to talk about that part because well... let's be honest, consistent hard work just doesn't sell as well as "Quick Fix Fast!".  Am I right?

The thing is... we are invested in each and every one of you.  We get giddy when you have a great week, when you continue to maintain your goal weight (It can be tough people!), when you show determination to make it through another tough day, when you find out there will be another addition coming to your family, when you turned down fast-food or something unhealthy because you KNOW that there's something better waiting for you.  There's a LIFE to live and you're LIVING it!  We absolutely LOVE having the opportunity to be a part of that process and journey!

Please keep sharing your stories!  We need to hear them and so do others out there ready to be inspired by YOU!!

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October 18 2016


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