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Do you ever get tired of endless meals of grilled chicken and spinach salads?  The following "find" is a good article from about how to enjoy the occasional indulgence and still live a healthy lifestyle...
Written by Deanna Schober
Are you a foodie? Do you struggle with how to continue your love affair with food and still be healthy and fit? As a self-proclaimed foodie, I have wondered the same thing over the years through my fitness journey. Do I really have to give up trying new and delicious foods at unique restaurants just to stay in shape? I think the answer will surprise you.
According to author Michael Pollan in his book In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto, food is one of the great pleasures of life, and there’s no reason that this pleasure can’t go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. Here are tips for loving your food while staying fit and healthy.




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October 18 2016


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