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I found the following post from very interesting, and it goes right along with my post from yesterday!  You have to scroll down through the post to get to this part, but I definitely think it's worth the trouble!  



...How I eat

A new mom friend of mine recently told me she notices that I eat foods like cake and pizza (at Big A’s kindergarten promotion party).  I think this surprises her because I’m a dietitian.

This got me thinking about how I eat and the road it has taken to get me here. When I first got into nutrition during college, it changed my life.  But this honeymoon phase eventually turned into an obsessed phase.  I felt I couldn’t eat food out because I didn’t know how the food was made.  Everywhere I went, there was too much temptation and I felt conflicted.  I thought about food – a lot.

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Thursday's Thoughts on...FOOD RESTRICTIONS!

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October 18 2016


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