Finding Yourself


"I have had high and low days.  I have put on the pounds over the years and it's sooooo very humiliating!  I used to be athletic, competitive, I even ran on the ambulance for 5 years with lots of mountain runs! I was even bigger than I'd like but I was energetic at that time and I still could move!  Life has thrown our family lots of curve balls, as life throws many trials to many families.  I think stress and taking care of everyone else...somewhere I LOST ME! Thank you friends and {Lifetime Wellness] Challenge because even though it’s tough to work out everyday, etc., in four weeks I am down 10 pounds and even though some measurements didn't change at all and some a little, I lost 2.3 inches off my hips! WOO HOOOOO!!  This IS TOTAL MOTIVATION! I hope you all keep going even when the stress is there and you’re so tired! Good luck to all of us!!!!"

Minny S.,2/6/12


I think many of us have been (or still are) where Minny was.  It is so easy to get caught up in taking care of everyone else that we forget to take the time to care for our own basic needs, essentially losing ourselves.  Many times this results in weight gain, but even if not, it likely leads to emotional and physical drain.  When we make our health a priority, we see success in not just our measurements or on the scale, but in how we FEEL and that, my friends, is worthwhile.

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October 18 2016


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