Finding Success Beyond the Scale

"For me, success did not come by way of the scale.  I wanted to lose 10 pounds on this challenge and only lost 1.  I was SO discouraged and depressed week after week about not losing any weight (and at times even gaining!) that I almost gave up.  Thank goodness I was on the same team as family members that wouldn't let me quit.  So, I don't consider that a success, BUT... and yes, my butt may have shrunk, there is still a big but here... I found success in so many other forms, even just being able to run up the stairs and not get winded was a success.  I used to eat treats all day long.  The first three weeks were VERY difficult for me to give up treats.  I used to drool over them, dream about them and be angry if I couldn't have them.  But now, I don't have ANY of those feelings anymore.  In fact, tonight I turned down a root beer float (which I LOVE) even though I still have two treats left for the week. I just didn't feel like one.  And that was a victory!  

My friend baked me a delicious triple chocolate cake for my birthday. I happily ate some as my treat that week.  Ironically, I didn't feel very good afterward and even got heartburn.  My body got so used to not eating treats, that it made me feel down and sluggish when I finally ate one.  That again was another success for me. (Even though, let's be honest, I cried because I really do love chocolate cake.) 

Also, I went to a store to try on clothes and chose clothing in a much smaller size - convinced it would fit me. It didn't.  But, I was just thrilled that mentally, I feel much better about myself.  I participated in a stunt run this past weekend and NEVER could have done as well as I did without this challenge.  Not to mention, my legs didn't have one ounce of soreness the next day.  I know it's because of this challenge.  That was a success as well. And finally (sorry about the novel), I found success in the comments of others saying how tone I look.  Maybe I didn't lose all the weight I wanted to, but I must look different to others - because they didn't even know about the challenge and commented.  That made my day!  And it made me feel successful - regardless of how that ol' scale defines success for me. 

Thanks for EVERYTHING!  This challenge has changed my life! (I won't thank you for making me cry over chocolate cake) - ha ha - but I truly am changed for the better!  This is a WONDERFUL thing you are doing."  -Kristi G., Fall FIT Challenge participant

I stumbled across this email we received from Kristi G, a Fall FIT Challenge participant, this morning and I just HAD to share her story!  I love her ability to look past the "numbers" and see that working on developing these healthy habits was doing FAR more for her than any silly number ever could!  Keep up the good work, Kristi!  We're still cheering for you!  Anyone else had a similar experience?


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