Final Healthy Holiday Giveaway Entry

I can hardly believe that we are approaching the end of this challenge!  It has really flown by for me.  It must have something to do with the busy nature of this time of year with so many fun things to prepare for!  One of those things has been the final weekly giveaway for the Healthy Holiday participants.  Here's how it works;  if you're a current participant of the Healthy Holiday Challenge then you will be entered into the Week 8 Giveaway by simply earning ALL of your weekly bonus points this week and reporting them Monday, November 29th.

Valerie and I feel very strongly that it's important to take the time to review your goals and progress even if you haven't been as consistent to the habits as you'd hoped.  You may surprise yourself when you measure, take your after photos, complete the fit test and review the workbook.  Oftentimes, as you are plugging away along the journey of lifestyle change you can become blind to the progress you've made unless you've made a conscious effort to look.  Take the time to earn those points and if nothing else you may end up with a $20 Amazon gift card to use toward your next workout outfit, running shoes, or whatever!  Have a wonderful week, express gratitude, enjoy the turkey and celebrate the wonderful gift of life and health we've been given!
Want to get involved in the fun?  Join our next challenge by registering for the "Motivate Me" Mini Holiday Challenge today!  Don't wait, registration will close November 30th.

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Gratitude & Attitude are Choices

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October 18 2016


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