Don't Let Excuses Get in the Way

Camille D. shared this success with us recently and I just LOVED it!  Her story shows her dedication to improving her health and her ability to make that process more important than what others may think.  

"These pictures are from when I was at a hotel last weekend for my daughter's birthday. I planned on exercising Saturday morning, luckily didn't have to get up early as it was just us and we had no schedule that day. But, I did wake up to find that there was no fitness center. And as we were walking back from breakfast to our hotel room it started pouring.

I was not going to miss my exercise that day, so I ditched my daughter and friends and walked halls, stairs, and then did a bunch of core and strength exercises in the stairwell!

A lot of the staff looked at me weird as I continuously passed them in the halls, but as I got on a good sweat and was passing a couple other hotel customers, I overheard the younger one point to the older one, 'Hey look! They do have a fitness center.'  So I must have looked like I went and got a good workout somewhere!"

Valerie and I have "known" Camille for many years now and have always been impressed by her dedication and competitive spirit.  We've hosted several challenges that she's competed in and even been blessed to be her teammates a few times!  I, personally, have quite a few mutual friends with Camille (crazy connections) but we had never actually met in "real life".  I'm so happy to say that I finally got that chance this past week!!  She was in town visiting family and Valerie and I were able to meet up with Camille for lunch and let our kiddos play together.  It was wonderful!  I feel so blessed to have been able to spend time with her and get to know her a little better.  That got us thinking about all the other wonderful people we've "met" through LWC but have never officially "met".  Please, if you're ever in the Idaho Falls general area, let us know!!  We'd love to meet you, too!!  So, consider this your open invitation to come see us anytime. 

Holiday weight loss!!

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October 18 2016


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