Valerie Hendricks is a small-town Idaho farm girl who grew up driving tractors and playing sports.  She enjoys spending time with her family, training for triathlons and blogging.  She is passionate about helping others learn about and find success using the Lifetime Wellness Challnge program and shares her own personal struggles and t...riumphs with healthy living at More

Thursday's Thoughts on....THE SKINNY RULES!

Thursday's Thoughts on....THE SKINNY RULES!
Are you struggling with knowing how to eat and what steps to take to a healthier lifestyle?  I think making the following changes would be an excellent start for anyone!!  I would guess you're already doing some of them.  Pick a few that you struggle with and work on them this week.  I'm planning to focus on 1, 14 and 19.   Valerie           Source:  via  Valerie  on  Pinterest  
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Thursday's Thoughts on...GUILT!

Thursday's Thoughts on...GUILT!
  Please tell me I am not the only person who struggles with “mommy guilt.” If you have it, you know exactly what I mean.  How do you juggle kids, husband, housework, meal prep, laundry, church responsibilities, kids’ activities, work and still fit in a really good workout 5 times a week?  It just seems like there is never enough time in the day.      I only work part time, and I feel like I will NEVER catch up on everything that needs to be accomplished.  I have NO idea how I would manage if I worked full tim...
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October 18 2016


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