Best Fitness Challenge Weekly WINNERS!

September Buddies & Individuals are getting close to the end, so NOW is the time that you might be tempted to slack off and say...'Well. I'll just try again next time', but DON'T let yourself go there!!  Now is the time that you really learn what you're made of.  Are you going to let your ranking get in the way of your personal goal?!?  Heck No!  Finish this out STRONG and know that whether or not you win this round of LWC, you will be able to take pride in the fact that you did NOT give up!  

The Holiday Teams & Individuals just finished up their first week on challenge and they did GREAT!  Don't worry if there was a little bit of learning curve happening this week.  That's typical and as you'll learn, Valerie and I try to be pretty understanding and flexible during that time.  Here's what was fun about this week's numbers, it looks like we've got a full challenge of competitors!  Many of the teams were a mere point or two difference in rankings.  I can't wait to see how it all plays out.  

I’ll share a bit of a caution for those entering week 2.  Though you may be working just as hard as week 1, it is quite possible that your weight loss results may not be as dramatic as week 1.  Your body is beginning to adjust and that's okay!  If you are on the Weight Loss Track you should be shooting for 1 - 2 lbs. loss each week anyway.  This will aid in maintaining your losses long-term.  If you had a big loss last week, sometimes the victory is in maintaining it for a week!  All you Maintenance Track people know what I'm talking about right!?!  Maintaining is NOT as easy as it looks.  Now, if you're on Healthy Living Track and want to know the best way to help your team and yourself, remember that earning at least 90%, preferably more, of your daily points is the goal and will allow you to practice these daily habits while improving your overall health.


The main messages you should take from today’s post? 

1.  Don’t let rankings keep you from working for your own personal goal.

2.  Focus on the big picture!  Small changes today will lead to BIG changes tomorrow.

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October 18 2016


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