Announcing Winners!!

This is an exciting week because Monday marked the end of the September Challenge.  Which means.... I get to announce the WINNERS!!  YAY!!  

I'm really proud of all of our September competitors!  Many of you had struggles along the way and you just kept plugging along doing your best despite your circumstances.  That's the true test of your commitment to a healthy YOU!  Thank you for being such amazing examples to us and to others!!

And now it's time to look at the line up this week for our Holiday competitors.  It is so FUN to see the line-up flip flop from week to week.  That means that everyone is working hard to be the top team and their BEST selves (the latter being the most important, of course).  

We're half way through this week and often times this can be when your Monday motivation resolve begins to fade.  Don't let it!!  Go back and take a look at your Week 1 Bonus.  Review WHY you started this journey for improved health.  Every day is an opportunity to recommit to your goals.  Sometimes we have to keep plugging along until the resolve returns.  This is NORMAL, don't let all those Pinterest pictures make you think that the journey is fast and easy the whole way through.  There WILL be tough times along the way.  Stay consistent despite your level of motivation and you'll find that fire again!  Have a FIT FABULOUS week!

Get back on the wagon!
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October 18 2016


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