3 Simple Tricks to a Healthier Halloween

Being bombarded with candy and cute Halloween goodies all week long is hard, but we've got a few tricks to help you get through it without expanding your waistline or spiking your insulin levels.

Buy cheap Halloween candy

Pass out candy that you don’t like to the little ghosts that come to your door. You'll be far less tempted to sneak a few of those subpar candies than if you have the premium chocolates laying out in an open bowl all week long.  You do what you gotta do to set yourself up for success.

Buy the BEST Candy

I can hear you now.  ‘Wait.  What?  But you just said to...’ Oh no, this part is really important.  Buy the cheap candy for the little goblins, but buy the BEST treats in small quantities, of course, for yourself.  Be sure to stash a serving (or 3 if you saved up) of your favorite rich, indulgent sweet to enjoy as everyone else devours piles of so-so, not really great, just okay candy.  You do NOT have to share!  They will end up with bellyaches and you will end the weekend enjoying the pure satisfaction of deliciousness without the pains of regret or the pains of a tight waistband.

Choose Tricks

When those adorable little tricksters show up and squeal in delight, “Trick or Treat!!”, surprise them with a round of Burpees instead of Butterfingers, 100 jumping jacks instead of 100 Grands, perfect pushups instead of Pop Rocks!  They will think you’re Wonder Woman or Captain America.  It’ll be AWESOME!  Okay... maybe instead you could try completing this Monster Workout throughout the night instead.  You’ll burn mega calories while still impressing your family with your BEAST-mode abilities! 

We know this can be a difficult time of year to put your health on priority status, but that's exactly why it's soooo important to do so!  This IS why you signed up for this particular challenge, isn't it?  Don't let what you think you want today, let you forget what you really want.  We know this can be a difficult time of year to put your health on priority status, but that's exactly why it's soooo important to do so.  Stay consistent and you will make it through the holidays better than ever! 

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October 18 2016


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